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Increase your resiliency, capacity, and well-being

Integrative Somatic Wellness for overwhelmed bodies & minds

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Services Offered

One on one somatic sessions designed with your goals in mind.

Providing an inclusive, welcoming & equitable space.

Currently offering virtual or in-home sessions

Integrative Anxiety or Depression Support

Most anxiety or depression sufferers reside almost completely in their minds. Somatic coaching strengthens the bodily connection, bringing you to the present moment, and supports the development of everyday coping skills. I offer integrative coaching sessions, focusing on skills-based outcomes to support clients in supporting themselves.

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Parts Work (IFS)

I'm an IFS-informed practitioner, which is an evidence-based psychotherapy modality grounded in the idea that we all have parts, which can be forced into extreme roles due to life experiences. Working with these parts can help us heal and reconnect to self. These parts are often connected to bodily sensations and feelings of shame, doubt, inadequacy, and fear.

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Somatic Experiencing

Receive support, whether you are going through life transitions, wanting to recover from trauma, managing relationships, or experiencing symptoms of anxiety, stress or grief. A form of alternative therapy, Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented form of therapy designed to heal trauma and other stress disorders. 

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Kundalini Yoga

I offer private Kundalini sessions individually or as part of somatic therapy (if requested). Kundalini yoga (also called the Yoga of Awakening) is a form of yoga that uses very basic poses in combination with breathwork to support healthy functioning of your energetic body and the nervous system.

Nicole St.Pierre

Integrative Somatic Practitioner

Somatic Experiencing teaches us that we sense the world with so much more than the stories we tell ourselves. Our meaning-making, which is largely used in psychotherapy, is just one way of processing our experiences . We can also process and explore our sensations, our emotions, imagery, and our behaviour, or movement. 

Actually, our bodily experience is as integral to our sense of Self as our mind is. Unfortunately, we are taught from a young age to prioritize our minds and when we detach from our bodies, we separate from ourselves as well. Engaging with your body and bodily sensations can repair trauma, help to heal attachment, relieve with chronic pain, and alleviate anxiety and depression. Learn more about me by clicking the link below.



"My many parts and I am so grateful for all your wonderful and generous holding, your very loving, gentle, welcoming and non-judgemental presence and how masterfully you facilitate each session. I have worked with many people before you in different modalities and with none of them have I ever felt so secure, accepted and fully welcome with all that arises. You truly are magnificently gifted at this and I would recommend you whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking for any or all of the above. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

— Dani

I offer free 20 minute virtual consultations to discuss your needs. Please fill in your details below and I'll respond within 2 business days.

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705 - 854 - 0969



Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada

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