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What is Somatic Healing?

A burgeoning field, somatic therapy aims to connect us back to our bodies, providing an another way to authentically connect to Self, manage emotional and physical stress, and find your way home.

Somatic Healing

"Somatics" comes from the Greek word “soma” meaning “the living body known from within”. In other words, somatics is the field of consciously connecting the body with the mind. Somatic work is an experiential approach towards mind/body integration, or a remembrance of the connection between these two that our experiences have caused us to forget - sometimes from a very young age. Somatic psychology is known as a “bottom up” approach as opposed to a “top-down” model, which means that we can use the body as a guide to point towards the direction of healing.

The Benefits

According to Forbes Health, "While somatic therapy may not be the most well known modality out there, its benefits are well studied, and may prove helpful for a wide variety of people—especially when it comes to understanding how our emotions may effect the rest of our body." While somatic healing is not for everyone, for many people it can be an incredibly useful tool to reconnect with their entire human experience, learn about their nervous systems, and create more sustainable lives. It can be useful for managing emotional pain, sleep issues, concentration problems, complex and childhood trauma, attachment wounds, and more.

Image by Kyle Mills
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